Turanga Report Launch

Historians with claimantThe Waitangi Tribunal’s keenly-awaited report on the claims of the Turanganui-a-Kiwa people was released at Whakatō marae, Manutuke, in October 2004.

Attending the report’s emotional launch were HistoryWorks directors Moka Apiti, Bruce Stirling and Dr Vincent O’Malley, who all presented evidence for the Turanganui-a-Kiwa claimants.

Bruce and Vincent were both key expert witnesses for the claimants during their hearings. Moka prepared maps for all of the claimant groups in the area and these also featured in the Tribunal’s report.

As well as providing a sound basis for the Turanga people to negotiate their claims with the Crown, the 845-page report provides the most detailed critique yet offered by the Tribunal of the Native Land Court. The report can be accessed electronically from the Waitangi Tribunal’s website. [Added 17 March 2005]

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