The Directors of HistoryWorks have produced a large number of research reports over many years. We have also actively contributed to many other publications.

Listed in these pages are some of the more significant works. It should be noted that this list, apart from excluding many smaller items, is confined to those works which are already in the public domain (such as research reports filed with the Waitangi Tribunal). As such, many recent research outputs and others which have not been publicly released are not listed here.

Vincent O’Malley publications list

David Armstrong publications list

Bruce Stirling publications list

Recent publications

Vincent O’Malley, Haerenga: Early Maori Journeys Across the Globe, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 2015

Vincent O’Malley, Beyond the Imperial Frontier: The Contest for Colonial New Zealand, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 2014

Vincent O’Malley, The Meeting Place: Maori and Pakeha Encounters, 1642-1840, Auckland University Press, Auckland, 2012

Vincent O’Malley, Bruce Stirling and Wally Penetito (eds), The Treaty of Waitangi Companion: Maori and Pakeha from Tasman to Today, Auckland University Press, Auckland, 2010

Vincent O’Malley and David Armstrong, The Beating Heart: A Political and Socio-Economic History of Te Arawa, (with David Armstrong), Huia Publishers, Wellington, 2008